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‘Working with Kay and the team was an absolute pleasure from start to finish. We rubbed shoulders with very talented hair and make-up artists, were fortunate to be styled with two different looks suiting the brief that we had in mind and were lucky to work with very patient photographers who made us feel relaxed during the shoot - (even although we weren’t the most experienced in front of a camera!). The end results were stunning and we are so thankful to have had such a positive experience.’

- The Ayoub Sisters , Client

"It was a blast working with Kay, Tamara and the team. The environment was super fun and the shoot went along smoothly. Will defo collaborate again in the near future."

- Tudor, Photographer

"I had the absolute pleasure of working with Kay Couture and had been invited to attend a fashion shoot to do the hair and make-up for her models to showcase her style and collaborations with high street brands such as Miss Selfridges, Topshop and H&M. 

I was able to reflect my skills through the make-up on different skin tones and the style of clothing that each model had worn from casual to party wear. The shoot was a lot of fun and working with a range of make-up artists and photographers was fantastic too.

I am looking forward to working with Kay Couture again in the near future"

                                                                                    -Poonam V Hair & Makeup

'I had lots of fun at the shoot on the 14th January the team were super friendly and made me feel very welcome and comfortable also the other models were nice too. I loved the chosen outfit and is definitely something I would wear on a night out would love to shoot with you again in the near future.'

                                                                         - Macala Costello, Model

"Be given the opportunity to work for such a shoot with Kay was an amazing experience for me as I was able to get a snippet of how an actual photo shoot runs - you have to work fast and do everything perfectly and efficiently but with Kays direction and guidance we were able to get everything done on time and on point. Working with Kay was a fun and enjoyable experience and I hope to be able to work with her on future projects" 

                                                             -Kenny, Hair and Makeup

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