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KAY COUTURE LONDON have styling sessions which are tailored to you. Whereby we explore your future desired look, obstacles you have faced and the next step of your tailored plan to get you there.


It’s important to any person to look good but its but when you feel good in what you’re wearing it shines through.


One’s lifestyle, job and budget, along with other important factors, get taken into account to ensure the session you receive leaves no stone unturned to successfully complete your new image.

Styling Sessions Include;

  • Online communication

  • Hire for a day

  • Hire per Hour

  • Lifestyle, budget, colour palette and body shape consultancy










Image Consultancy Sessions Include;

  • Celebrities, Musicians, Public eye, TV and Media

  • Makeover’s

  • Personal shopper

  • Styling for events award ceremonies and special occasions

  • Gift sessions










Here at KAY COUTURE LONDON, we aim to excel in what we do by providing the best service we can for our clients. We are never afraid to go above and beyond.  

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