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KAY COUTURE LONDON is a professional styling company that provides fashion advice to ensure that all clients will be able to showcase their desired fashion image. The service we offer varies depending on what the client wants; from organising portfolios, to Look Books, Catalogue editorial and bridal wear, just to name a few. The service provides insight on how wardrobes should be worn, what accessories will compliment a particular outfit and what colours suit you. In general KAY COUTURE will be able to combine the latest fashion trends with our client’s personal taste.


At KAY COUTURE sessions with personal image consultants/personal stylists can vary from teaching a client to make effective image decisions to developing a new wardrobe, not to mention having access to the latest fashion trends along with VIP access to various fashion shows. KAY COUTURE has an extended service where you can book for special occasions like birthdays and award ceremonies, due to a high demand in clientele.


KAY COUTURE books by appointment through our website. We deal with different clients and styles ranging from Retro and Street fashion, down to Catwalk and Vintage. KAY COUTURE is exceedingly passionate about what we do and takes an extensive amount of pride in our work. Our aim is to create the best results we can for every client. If you think you need a new wardrobe, style or even your own stylist, you’ve come to the right place. Book now and book your own personal image consultant to tend to your every fashion need.

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